Explore the Kulla Peninsula

Our talented native language students have translated some of the Kulla Peninsula's pleasant places to visit. Welcome to experience the destinations in English.


Mölle Fälad by Albert, Nyhamns School

Mölle Fälad can be found just a stone’s throw away from Mölle.

It’s a beautiful quiet marshy area which apart from the occasional dog walker, wanderer or tourist there are usually virtually no people and it’s possible to find yourself completely alone in this amazing area.

The wildlife

The wildlife is limited at Mölle Fälad but the most domiant animal in the area is the fire bellied toad (klockgrodor) that makes the sound of bells ringing, which is a very popular attraction amongst tourists. The bird life is quite rich with lapwings (vipor fåglar) being regular vistors. Of course it is essential to show respect for the birds and their environment. In any conflict of interest, the well-being of the birds and their habitats must come before the wishes of anyone encroaching on the bird’s nesting areas.

Click here to listen at the sound of the fire bellied toad. Länk till annan webbplats, öppnas i nytt fönster.

Mjöhult är the place to be när skogsälskaren i dig behöver skogens kraft

Mölle fälad by Luz & Diana, Lerbergs School

Mölle fälad forms the northern part of a nature reserve that stretches from just south of the community of Mölle down to Lerhamn in the south. Möllehässle is the name of the nature reserve, which consists of stony but green coastal meadows or coastal heaths. Five small pools glisten just inside the shoreline and nature conservation measures have long been in place to protect them. The area was declared a nature reserve in 1956.

European fire-bellied toad (klockgrodan)

One of the main reasons for declaring Mölle Fälad a nature reserve was the primary inhabitant of the pools, the European fire-bellied toad. In May, the bell frogs sing at Mölle Fälad, it sounds like distant church bells. To get to the toads' ponds, follow the paths across the fields towards the sea. If you wait quietly by the pond, you can soon be singing a duet with the toads.

The birdlife here is rich and varied all year round, with nesting waders such as the tufted whippet and birds such as thorn magpies and sandpipers.

It should also be remembered that in mid-August, the blackberry bushes are filled with beautiful, black berries.


Mölle Hässle can be reached via Lerhamn where there are parking areas. It is also possible to park in the southern part of Mölle. The cycle path between Höganäs and Mölle runs along the eastern edge of the area and there are regular bus connections to Mölle from Höganäs.

Strandbaden Tallbackenskogen

Svedberga Hill (kulle) by Elsa and Emily, Bruks School

There are many hills, a lot of forest and large fields. The forests have a lot of trees, dominated mostly by birch and oak trees.

There are paddocks where there are sheep and goats so if you like to have a walk there you can take a look at the animals.

At its highest point Svedberga Hill is almost 60 meters above sea level.

There are two marked paths and a lot of small paths should you wish to hike or wander around the area.

Activities and Location

Svedberga Hill is a nature reserve located near to Helsingborg and Mjöhult. It’s possible to drive there or to travel there by bus.

Svedberga Hill has many visitors every year and in the winter it is a great place to go sledding or skiing. There are also places to grill sausages or hamburgers.

In the summer or spring it is a very beautiful place to go for a walk at and to take in the amazing views.

Strandbaden Tallbackenskogen

Svanshall’s Quarry by Maria, Bruks school

Svanhall’s Stenbrott is a place that you can visit all year round, but I recommend summer. Svanshall is a fishing village not far from Jonstorp. The nearest village to the south is Jonstorp and to the north are the villages of Skäret and Arild.

Svanshall is surrounded by beautiful nature and to the northwest of the community there is a nature reserve.The area is also popular with berry and mushroom pickers. The berry bushes grow everywhere among the rocks. Here there are two comfortably situated picnic and barbecue areas with available charcoal in place.

There is a lake which is located near the beach Skälder Bay, where you can swim and there is also a barbecue area near the lake. The lake is surrounded by trees and high cliffs where you can climb but be careful. From a bird's eye view the lake looks like a heart. There are also snakes in the area but there are many more animals than you can spot.

Both locals and out-of-towners come here, especially hikers on the Kullaleden/Skåneleden, who like to stop for a while to enjoy the nature and the view over Skälderviken towards Hallandsåsen and Väderön.

Strandbaden Tallbackenskogen

Svanshall’s Stenbrott by Isa and Finn, Lerbergs School

This wonderful area is popular all year around, people who usually are out hiking like to stop at this place to enjoy the nature.

This area is also popular for people that like to pick berries and mushrooms.

The Beach and the Woods

The beach here is rocky and stoney with many pebbles. The surrounding woodland is dominated by oak and birch trees with some alder, aspen and rowan trees. Between the forest sections there is open land with mainly heather, crowberry, and bell heather.

The rich and diverse wildlife is populated with porcupines, foxes and squirrels.

What’s not allowed?

At the quarry there are some things that are not allowed. You are not allowed to put up a tent or camp, You can’t pick flowers or dig up any plants and you can’t use a boat or jet ski.

Strandbaden Tallbackenskogen

Höganäs city center by Isa and Finn, Lerbergs School

In the middle of Höganäs there are many different shops, beauty salons, hairdressers, restaurants and even a movie theater, which all help to make up a lively and enjoyable atmosphere.

“Stadskärna” is a vibrant city center and is a showcase for the entire community. It never stands still with many new ideas and it contributes to new job opportunities and of course is part of an attractive tourism industry. It can offer a mix of meeting places and activities, it strengthens the attractiveness of the city center.

“Stadskärna” has an important function as a meeting place, a unique identity of the city centre including entertainment and leisure which have become an active part of the city centre.

Storgatan in Höganäs has recently been rebuilt to become more accessible, traffic safe and contribute to a lively city centre.

Strandbaden Tallbackenskogen

Höganäs town center by Albert, Nyhamns School

An attractive town center creates the conditions for expansion (growth) and wellbeing. A thriving and dynamic town center is vital and a dynamic town centre affects the town’s name and reputation. A modern town knows that the town center is the outward face of the town and a decisive part of the brand of the town and surrounding area.

Integration, diversity, sustainability, safety, security are important ingredients for creating an active town or town center.An attractive town center attracts more job opportunities, more residents, visitors,students and new businesses.

Höganäs town center (stadskärna)

When reading the previous page, Höganäs’ town center (stadskärnor) springs directly to mind for those of us who live there or have visited Höganäs at some point in time.
Höganäs town center (stadskärnor) is an attractive town center for residents, new businesses and visitors alike.
Höganäs municipality (kommun) wants both the town center and nearby trading places to be active, where people thrive and feel safe, where it’s possible for people simply to meet, where trade, the restaurant, café, kultur and tourism develope positively.

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